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Scott Raker
Scott Raker
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Member Since: 2009

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Personal Info
Hair: Brown Birth Date: 9/05
Eyes: Green Nationality: US
Height: 5'10" Languages / Dialects Spoken:
RP, Cockney, Scottish, Irish, Southern, Minnesota, Middle English
Weight: 150
About Me
Training: MFA in Acting, BrownUniversity/Trinity Rep

At Trinity: All the King's Men, Richard III
In Boston: As You Like It (Commonwealth Shakespeare), Samurai 7.0 and Outward Bound (Beau Jest)
Other Shows in NY: The Money Show (HERE); Penang, Until We Find Each Other (Workshop Theatre); The Two Noble Kinsmen, King John (Guerrilla Shakespeare Project); Doctor Faustus (Fault Line Theatre).
My Roles
For EAT:
Jack in Jack Goes Up, Jack Goes Down
Paul in Burying Mom

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